I will remain steadfast and resolute regarding my convictions!!!

I have been listening to some sermons and what has come across continuously is, life is spiritual. Human beings are spiritual, they will always have some faith, even if not in God, but in something else.

Looking closely, in this journey called life, I have realized things can only tell that life is influenced by two forces greatly. Growing up I was so adorable, I don’t know if I still am; dad’s favorite, the best cousin, the best niece, the teachers’ favorite all the way. So influential, in school, in church to my fellow youth in church. The preaching’s, the teachings … I never struggled with issues that teenagers or the youth struggled with. I was known for being strict, firm and all. One thing that is for sure is, I am so better in ways more than one in comparison to this girl twenty years ago.

Soul searching still, I am left wondering, being more experienced in this school of life, shouldn’t I be way better than I am? Should I be struggling with sin? Should I be struggling with making simple decisions? Should I not be the best wife even after being married for all these years? Should I not be the best parent, daughter… why should I start like five businesses and closing each one of them even when I was so sure I got this right? Why should I struggle with finances even when I have a good job? If I once earned four thousand shillings and now several thousands much more, shouldn’t there be some improvement?

Surely, it’s an error for one to struggle with issues forever. This brought me to this place; life is spiritual. There are things or issues I would never struggle with, as long as I remained single. There are things I would never have to struggle with as long as I never got to a certain level. If you are like me and in agreement with what I think so far, let me tell you something I have learnt in the process.

Just like in a court of law, ignorance is no defense. You can never say you didn’t know. Make it your business to be in the know. As a student if you want to do medicine, you know what grades you should be working for. You want to be a good parent, spouse, there are schools too and areas of influence. Put the same kind of effort you would input into your career, into that masters, into that phd… most of all, the school of the Holy spirit. The school of good mentors and fathers who are ahead of us and doing well. For we are surrounded by a huge crowd of witnesses.

God is not unjust that He won’t reward you for your efforts. Your actions have consequences, choices have consequences and so are the words of your mouth. You can not wish your child does well in school and with the same breath call them names. This week I just learnt of a species of a bird (crane) which naturally makes involuntary noise as it flies up. In as much as this is a part of their make-up, this noise endangers them, because this is how their predators know where they are and zero in on them. As a result of this, as they grow up, they learn to pick a stone with their beaks as they start to fly, that way they don’t make the noise hence cheating on their predators. How often do we attract our predators through our own confessions of defeat, by sharing our dreams prematurely and to the wrong people, by exposing too much too early? Let’s draw a lesson from these birds.

None the less, we have a God in heaven who is interested in your well-being, your success, your sound health… If you are tired in the knowledge of Him as the omnipresent God but never feeling His presence, there is an open opportunity to seek for his manifest presence. Launch into the deep. Only bad things happen by themselves, for every good thing, there is a price, a cost to pay. Be positive, believe in yourself. As a man thinketh, so is he. The beauty of all this is, the grace of God is sufficient, His mercies are new every morning, His loving kindness is from everlasting to everlasting!!!


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