there’s no condemnation to those who believe!

How the devil will give you reasons to live in condemnation even when God is telling you there’s therefore no condemnation to those who believe.

For some time I have been off the pulpit [the physical pulpit in church]. this kept me so disturbed, confused and guilty all at the same time. It stole my peace and I lived in condemnation.

Most of the time I am listening to sermon from several men and women of God. One of my favorite is Priscilla Shirer. I will listen to her sermon and repeat one sermon even 3 times. One day I heard her say the way one of her sons had told her that when he grows up he wants to be like her, and do what she does; which he later told her, that she does nothing, her work is just sitting behind her computer doing nothing!!

What she said after the story is what provoked me into sharing this today. That no one should tell you that you are not serving God simply because you don’t stand on the pulpit and hold the mic. She continued to say that as you think every single day how to make food that is more interesting for your family that is ministry!! As you teach your babies those bible verses every evening, that is ministry!

One of my very best friends quit a very prestigious job to stay home and just take care of her children and home school them and of course this came with its share of criticism. I just love the way she responded to this during a TV interview, `who would be the better beneficiary of my expertise, and skills than my family!

Beloved please serve from where you are and do it diligently.

Now, listen to what my daughter said to me this afternoon. We had just entered the house after church and we just started sharing what we had carried home from church. After some few minutes of sharing our revelations, this is what my 11 years old daughter told me. `Mom when I look at your face as you talk to me about God, I see an angel, I hear like these words are straight from God through your lips! She started prophesying to me and all I did was say amen! Amen!

Now tell me why I despised those small prayers I do with my family every evening before bedtime? Why would I feel guilty for not serving from the pulpit in church when I am really impacting the generation that God has entrusted me with in my house?

To you who feel so inadequate and imperfect; yes you! Who told you God is looking for the perfect ? God is looking for a willing and available vessel. We are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses. Start from where you are!

More grace! Shalom!


12 thoughts on “IT IS YOU GOD LOVES”

  1. I will definitely start where Iam…. Thankyou for reminding me that it’s a not in vain no matter how insignificant it may seem to be


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