A happy heart is a healthy heart

I am not very sure what was happening on this particular morning exactly, but I just posted in Facebook  that I felt qualified to write or speak  on relationships. The feedback from my friends was overwhelming. I don’t know what came to their minds when they saw me say I felt qualified, but then I knew I would have an opportunity here to explain what my qualifications here.

I felt qualified because I am so interested in seeing good relationships; I am passionate about seeing marriages work and not just work but people happy in them. I know I mentioned  earlier  a colleague at work who  was discouraging  a young lady who was planning her wedding, and these were her  words ‘’, Why would  you want to get married when others are looking for exit plans ‘’. This really struck me hard, I was barely a year in marriage and I was so determined to enjoy my marriage. By the grace of God I am 14 years in marriage and this far God has been kind.

This write up today will serve as an introduction to a series of many topics we will tackle on relationships. As I write this, one of my other qualification is that I have been on a very long relationship that didn’t work, so I am not writing from a place of perfection. This one is for you who is struggling and feeling inadequate. I can literally identify with most of you.

Before we get in any relationship, I think there are questions which we should be able to answer since they would be helpful in maintaining our relationships. A relationship comes with a lot of commitments, sacrifices, it’s a whole investment. You ought to ask yourself, am I ready? So I found myself in this relationship that lasted for around five years that I cannot explain its Genesis. I know someone will ask, where on earth does this happen. I was a very naïve little girl, I had not planned on getting into any relationship neither can I even explain how I got myself into this one. I am this girl who didn’t have boyfriends in high school like most girls my age. I had planned I will get into a relationship when I was ready for marriage.

I was part of an evangelism group. So many weekends and holidays were mission opportunities for us. It was a group of youngsters, so all of us were not married. There is this brother who had fallen for me and apparently everyone knew I was his girl apart from me. I was invited to preach in their church so many times and I was so innocently unsuspicious. I thought I was just a good preacher that’s why they called me so many times. I am not sure how I got into this relationship, I can’t remember him asking me to be his girlfriend. I think I just got playing along, probably because he had told everyone I was his girlfriend, the church leadership, his parents, literally everyone apart from me.

My dear  girls, there is no pressure in wondering what people will think or feel about you saying no or quitting , it is way beyond   what we will think  or say. Are you happy? This should be about you. It is you who will get hurt, you are number one beneficiary of the heartaches and the happy moments. Make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into, it is important that you are clear on what you are offering too. I started by saying this is just an introduction of a series of talks on relationships.

Kindly watch the space for the following;

What to look for when getting into a relationship.


4 thoughts on “RELATIONSHIPS PART 1”

  1. A very interesting entry. I believe that marriage or not is an individual matter for everyone, and no one should encourage or deny some of our decisions. Everyone has the right to the happiness they want or think is right. Regards


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