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Be encouraged that there is always someone in a better or worse circumstances than you..

    For quite some time I have been thinking about times and seasons. Every time I have thought of times and seasons, the next thing that has always come to my mind is relationships. Our God is a relational God, He uses marriage as an example of the kind of relationship He envisions of us and Him. This is why human beings are social beings. We were never meant to leave in isolation. See what 1John 1:3 says, ‘we saw it, we heard it, and now we’re telling you so you can experience it along with us, this experience of communion … Continue reading TIMES AND SEASONS
    We have done two sessions on relationships and we agreed that relationships mean so many things but it is entirely how people or things connect. We also agreed that there are very many types of relationships but in this series I will specifically talk on dating, courtship and marriage. On the second blog on relationships, someone said I talked too much for the girl and that the boy child was left out. Now this is that day, your cry reached the right ears. I know there are many misconceptions where our men and boys are concerned. They are expected to … Continue reading RELATIONSHIP PART 3
    A relationship is a way in which two people or things are connected. With this knowledge, it is clear it could be a working relationship, family, business, situitionship, name them. From the previous post, we agreed that before you get into any relationship there are some questions you should ask yourself because these questions will help maintain the relationship. Today’s blog is an attempt to discuss some of these questions. You will allow me to keep using myself as a reference point not because what I feel is the bible truth and neither am I an encyclopedia but because I … Continue reading RELATIONSHIPS PART 2
    I am not very sure what was happening on this particular morning exactly, but I just posted in Facebook  that I felt qualified to write or speak  on relationships. The feedback from my friends was overwhelming. I don’t know what came to their minds when they saw me say I felt qualified, but then I knew I would have an opportunity here to explain what my qualifications here. I felt qualified because I am so interested in seeing good relationships; I am passionate about seeing marriages work and not just work but people happy in them. I know I mentioned  … Continue reading RELATIONSHIPS PART 1
    How the devil will give you reasons to live in condemnation even when God is telling you there’s therefore no condemnation to those who believe. For some time I have been off the pulpit [the physical pulpit in church]. this kept me so disturbed, confused and guilty all at the same time. It stole my peace and I lived in condemnation. Most of the time I am listening to sermon from several men and women of God. One of my favorite is Priscilla Shirer. I will listen to her sermon and repeat one sermon even 3 times. One day I … Continue reading IT IS YOU GOD LOVES
    This is not the first article I am doing on mental wellness, but just in case this is the first one that you are coming into contact with, I would wish to use the exact definition I used for mental wellness on the first blog I did. I will make a definition of mental wellness with quite a number of words. Being mentally well for me is when I have the ability to learn, feel, express  and manage a series of positive and negative emotions. Being mentally well is being able to form and maintain good relationship with others. It … Continue reading BOOST YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING
  • Mental health is key!!
    Fear Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response. As such it is an essential part of keeping us safe. In the days we are living in today we are surround by too many chaos, pandemics of all types political, medical, crumbling economics, and inflation all over, a lot of instabilities. Due to this people live in fear and panic, fear of the unknown, fear of failure. The truth is whether the threats we feel are … Continue reading FEAR AND THE WAY OUT
    The days we are living in right now there are too many pressures that come with people’s expectations set to us for no apparent reason. As though that is no enough, there is inclination to want to impress when we step out, we want to show up and make a lasting impression. Without going further, allow me to remind you that you will never be able to impress everyone. There will always be that one person who doesn’t like you for no reason at all. Besides, most of the times the goals we set could be so much influenced by … Continue reading HOW TO SET GOALS IN RELATION TO MENTAL WELLNESS
    As I am writing on this topic, I am wishing it was an interview with quite a big audience so I would have an understanding of mental wellness or rather mental health from each persons of view without making references. It is a topic in my opinion that is surrounded by so many misconceptions and stereotypes. Allow me make a definition of mental wellness with quite a number of words. Being mentally well for me is when I have the ability to learn, feel, express  and  manage a series of positive and negative emotions. My ability to form and maintain … Continue reading MENTAL WELLNESS
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Remember we promised this topic would continue? Apart from offense being a bait like we said earlier, let’s see how else we can define it. Offense is when people are not polite with others and they fail to show regard to others hence wounding other people’s feelings.  Someone could be asking, why take time to discuss offense? One of the reasons is, Jesus said, “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble!!” Offense is part of this trouble! Secondly, in this day and time, … Continue reading OFFENSE PART TWO
  • Run from offense, it is a bait!
    I was around 19 years. A couple who were good friends of mine and mentors, people who we were doing ministry; missions, crusades and weekend challenges were planning their wedding. I gave myself fully to their wedding preparations. Looking back, the kilometers I would walk in a day were crazy, today however much I wanted I wouldn’t make to walk such distances. One evening when I was back home from running some errands for them, I remember mum sitting me down, and this is what she said to me, ‘Em, as you do all this, do it as though you … Continue reading Run from offense, it is a bait!
    I have really struggled writing on this topic, I actually did a draft of this in April 2020 and until now I don’t feel very ready, but I just had to. One of my reasons for being hesitant is because I am not writing from a place of authority, and secondly because I am still a student in this parenting class of life. I know churches have classes, I know books have been written on the same, but I still believe every parent walks a very personal and private path with their unique babies. I will call them unique because … Continue reading PARENTING
  • Watch “Mat making Tutorial” on YouTube
  • Watch “Emice K Kinyamu Embakasi Health Centre” on YouTube
    I have been listening to some sermons and what has come across continuously is, life is spiritual. Human beings are spiritual, they will always have some faith, even if not in God, but in something else. Looking closely, in this journey called life, I have realized things can only tell that life is influenced by two forces greatly. Growing up I was so adorable, I don’t know if I still am; dad’s favorite, the best cousin, the best niece, the teachers’ favorite all the way. So influential, in school, in church to my fellow youth in church. The preaching’s, the … Continue reading LIFE IS SPIRITUAL
    As married as I am, if you heard me tell a guy I love you, what would come to your mind? Can someone love a person of the opposite sex without any strings attached? Just as a friend. Like I can tell my girlfriend how much I love them? Can I love you and tell you without being judged? Please someone educate me, what’s the big deal? Anyway, this is a story for another day. For now my biggest question is why can’t we talk about sex freely? In the right context of course. Why will we talk business, parenting, … Continue reading IS IT A TABOO TO TALK ABOUT IT?
  • The Desire for Validation
    We all want validation in one way or the other. But where we seek validation is important..
  • (no title)
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  • “La Poete” (The Poet)
    Is serving in church a sacrifice you do or is it a privilege? During the dating period for believers, it’s advisable that you do it in public. Meet up in public places; if possible, go out as a group or probably with other couples who are dating too, or even some young married couples who are your friends. For me this is so key, specifically because you are able to know how your girl/guy carries himself out in public or among your friends. My IT guy and I had just the very perfect setup while dating. There are moments that … Continue reading “La Poete” (The Poet)
    You remember my new guy? we are finally in the system; weekend challenges, youth missions, crusades during Christmas… My ex too has moved on, he finally gets married and like a good friend should do, I attended their wedding. I have never known why it looked strange because the stares I got told me clearly no one expected I would attend. When I call my fiancé now an IT guy, you are probably thinking I left the other guy for a better paid jamaa. This guy had just finished college, actually he had not graduated. By the way, did he … Continue reading THE SPUR
    My sister introduces me to this guy; that’s a story for another day. The wow effects this guy had on me, I couldn’t recover for quite a while. I think I was suffocating for the five year relationship I had told you earlier but I had not realized. This made me see how much I had needed some fresh air, but I was too engrossed to realize it. This time I am in some computer business. Have you seen or probably heard of an old vehicle which will just go off whenever it wants and ends up putting you in … Continue reading MY RECOLLECTIONS
    Just like that, we done with high school. I wouldn’t say I don’t miss the feeling of being a citizen, you have your ID, no bells, bla bla. However, there are experiences I remember and I just get exhausted. I wonder where I got all the strength. Keeping my faith through high school for me was such a big deal. I am grateful to God I pulled through. I am finally a citizen and I have joined a team of youth and every weekend we were up and about preaching; weekend challenges, door to door evangelism, crusades. “SOUL WINNING” I … Continue reading MY DIARIES
  • Reminisces/Memoirs
    As I write this, I don’t have a problem with all the experiences. I am writing this for you who are in a situation that would probably compromise your faith. Just cast your cares to Jesus. He’s got everything figured out. He’s got you!


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